Sunday, 23 April 2017

JK round up

Well that went better than I could have hoped. Three tightly fought individual races and mostly the seconds were almost always on my side. I won the sprint by 5, the middle by 19, lost the long by 5, and won overall by 13! This has earned me an early selection for the sprint distance at the World Championships in Estonia. Yey!

Photo: Rob Lines

This means so much to me after watching from the sidelines for the last few years. I still don't think I'm as fit as I have been, my training times on the track are a little way off what they were 4 years ago. But I think I've made a real break through with the technique and my mental approach to races and I can consider a completely clean run as achievable rather than an unrealistic hope. I'm certainly getting the most out of the fitness I have.

I've just got to make sure I've not peaked too soon now and so am already back in to the hard training before the next round of test-races. It's a bitty few months with lots of travel and competitions which is not straightforward but I'm hoping to keep riding the current tailwind.

Possibly the best memory (and run!) of the weekend
- getting a silver relay medal with these two wonderful Edinburgh University teammates Madara and Klara.
Photo: Rona Lindsay.  

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