Monday, 17 October 2016

World Cup Final

This weekend I made the trip over to Aarau, Switzerland to take part in the World Cup Final. My first international races in two years. I had clear aims: get some world ranking points from the long distance race and work out where I stand in terms of sprint racing.

My forest race result (30th) does not look special but it was a good technical performance from me. I have to judge things by my own averages; although I did make one annoying mistake, the overall race was by far the best I've managed over that distance since I've come back. I was also pretty pleased to physically get through the race, something I wouldn't have managed a month ago.

My sprint final was really awesome. I won the B-final by 1 min and that would have put me 9th in the A-final! I can't quite believe it as I'm well aware of how slow my raw speed is at the minute. But I think I've hit every route bang on. Of course I know how it feels for the other girls who are at the end of a very long season but even so, this is a massive boost for me ahead of next year.

Bring on the winter!

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  1. Wow. That's a very positive sprint result! Nice one!