Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Back in the game

Last weekend marked four months back training and was my first attempt at ‘racing’ orienteering again. It was full of mixed emotions. Amazing to be back at races I never thought I’d be able to do again, lovely to see old friends and have so many supportive conversations.

Even so, it was really tough trying to race as it just felt so out of sorts. I held things together in both the sprint and middle distance (British champs weekend) but it wasn't pretty. It felt like trying to speak a language for the first time in years. I got through it, but it was hesitant, messy, full of small mistakes, and generally quite frustrating. I’m obviously not happy with feeling like that and it just makes me itch for the next time I can get back out with a map and work on things to get better.

But there is a little bit of me that is quite proud of getting this far already. I haven’t gone into great detail online as to what my 14 months off were like, but the last 9 barely involved any movement. My only ventures off the sofa were to the bus-stop to work three days a week. I’ve worked so hard to build back up from that since February, not just with all the running/aerobic cross training but the strength, conditioning, and stretching too. It was quite a unique situation and there was no blueprint of what to do or what to expect. I think I've exceeded even my optimistic hopes. So in amongst all these mixed feelings, I’m trying to give myself a pat on the back before I return to the hard slog.

Snuck onto the podium in the sprint distance (at least when you excluded the non-Brits).

Nice to be back with old team mates who are running so well.

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