Monday, 11 April 2016


"How are you?"
"Good thanks"

It's so nice to be able to answer that question positively. Or just to have an answer. For over a year, I didn't know how I was. I didn't know why I felt like I was going to have a heart attack constantly. No one could find anything wrong.

It wasn't a great place to be physically or mentally. I withdrew a lot from my usual world, partly because I was so limited physically but as much because I didn't have any answers. Turns out conversations are a bit difficult when you don't know why you're in the situation you're in, what is causing the pain, or when it might stop.

So the answer is 'rib'. It seems to have been a rib (or maybe a few) causing the problems. Never has anyone been so happy to have costochondritis.

What did I do to get a rib problem? I'm not sure I'll ever get that answer. My mobility through my shoulders/back area is chronic and it could well be that I compensated by overloading through the ribs, eventually causing pain. I am certainly losing the pain by increasing my flexibility and strength through that area. But maybe there were other things going on. I was pushing myself to the absolute limit with WOC 2015 in mind and my immune system was struggling.

Very fitting to share one of my first runs back with Sarah
The real saviour in all this is (Dr) Sarah Rollins. Without her I could still be sitting on the sofa. She's been an absolute lifeline through this whole episode. Amazing woman: my role model, team mate, and great friend. (And just a little plug for support for her bonkers running for charity here - 40km a day for 40 days for her 40th birthday).

Will I ever get back? I sure hope so! It's early days (I've just finished week 8 of training) but of course my mind is rushing ahead much faster than my legs. I think the competitive season will end up being a few months too early to be able to get involved this year. But that's probably a good thing as I'll get a really solid base done ready to race hard in 2017.

See you in a forest soon!


  1. Brilliant news!!! So glad to hear you are feeling better and back training! Eilidh x

  2. Thanks for the positive comments - sorry I've only just realised there are some here!