Tuesday, 21 July 2015


It's been a really rough ride of a year so far and it's not really getting much easier. Yes, depending which day you catch me on, there are signs that this whole episode might all end soon but it is not close enough yet for it to override the difficulty of having to watch a home World Championships from the sidelines.

I apologise for the silence on this blog (although that may be more directed to sponsors than readers!) but health issues can be quite personal and it hasn't felt appropriate to share things here. I hope that I'll be able to post some mini positive stories soon as I relearn to run and work out where the new limits are.

In the meantime, the focus should be on those selected for the World Championships, particularly Team GB. It's great that there are so many athletes able to live out their dreams up in Inverness next month. Sadly, that experience will always remain a dream for me but at least it is restocking the motivation stores for once my body starts to cooperate again.

An indulgent photo of my best WOC memory.
One that I was hoping to better on the streets of Forres or Nairn, or in Darnaway forest.
Go on Team GB. Make it count.

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