Thursday, 2 April 2015

A weird feeling

It’s a weird feeling. I’m heading to London to see family while everyone else heads to the Lake District for the JK. It’s a feeling I better get used to as it seems I’m going to have to watch this season from the sidelines.

Although things have improved a bit, I’m not yet back running. Even the best case scenario would be pushing it to be ready for the World Champs in August and, after what I’ve been through, pushing it doesn’t seem like the sensible road to recovery.

I’m hoping it’s not too long until I’m back starting that process though. I’ll probably return to a doing a few more twitter and blog updates at that stage but for the moment I’ve not got a huge amount positive or constructive to say. I’m really grateful to my sponsors Arc’teryx and SILVA who have been really understanding during this time.

Best of luck to all those competing. Enjoy it.

Photo taken from some tweet sometime.
If anyone has copyright issues with it let me know.


  1. Really sorry to hear about your issues. But really impressed with your resilience and strength in respect of how you appear to be dealing with this. Looking forward to following your positive recovery. Rob

  2. Thanks for your comment, sorry I only just found a notification of it. I have to say that it probably is a different picture if you see me on a daily basis. Lots of ups and downs and I don't feel particularly resilient or strong. But I've turned a corner and hopefully I'm on the way back up now. I've though of you more than a few times during this episode and hope that you're in some way ok now. Tess