Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Double British Champion

The summer has ended on a high with wins in both the British Sprint and Middle distance championships.  The September scheduling meant there was a reduced start field but I was pleased all the same to retain the sprint title from last year and to finally win the middle distance (the only individual British title I hadn’t won). I felt rusty technically and physically but this was a preferable outcome to blowing things on one control as I’ve done so often in the past.

Win for Murray too! 

Sunday also marked the end of my semi-professional orienteering/running career. I’m starting a PhD at the University of Edinburgh and I’m really excited about that. I still plan to train and race hard but just with a little less travel. This may even be a positive change as I’m not sure it has always been the best thing saying yes to every race possible, no matter what country it's in.

I’ve tried to make the most of the last 6 weeks by getting up in the Scottish mountains as much as possible. This started well but tiredness kicked in and it has been good to take a season break over the last few weeks, something I didn’t really do properly last summer and paid for it.

The real highlight of the summer* was spending a few days in Torridon with adventure photographer Colin Henderson and mountain guide/amazing climber Paul Tattersall from Go Further Scotland. I’d always wanted to explore these mountains and I felt so grateful to be up there with people who knew them well and in such perfect weather conditions.  I’ve put a few photos below but go to Colin’s blog for more. And then go to Torridon and see it all for yourself.

The next big race is the final SkyRunning race in Limone (Italy) in October although the priority has to be on getting properly fit and healthy so that I can get some big winter miles in by the end of the year. Motivation is high at the minute - the countdown to WOC2015 has started and the September sun is wonderful. 

*obviously the most exciting thing all summer was getting engaged to Murray. Yey!

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