Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Double Vertical KM - Matterhorn Ultraks

Well that wasn't my best race ever and I can't really explain why. My stomach wasn't great for a large part of the race, my foot hurt, I felt a bit dizzy. But I think these are more excuses than reasons as there are always things that go wrong in a race. I find the best thing to do is ignore them and a good performance is usually there if I want it. That didn't really happen on the 2VK.

I think I ran past this lake. Or at least one equally amazing.
Photo taken from Matterhorn Ultraks facebook page

The course itself was fairly brutal. For starters we had a decent climb out of Zermatt (1600 ish) onto nice forest tracks followed by a gentle flat section before more climbing up to Sunnegga (2250ish, 6.5km). Then a small descent before the main course of a relentless climb up to Gornegrat at 3150m (total race distance of 14km). Ouch.

Despite it being a bit of a tough day out, it was still better than not being out at all. There was a magic moment I will never forget: seeing the Matterhorn appear over the skyline of the hill I was climbing, centimetre by centimetre as I got higher. A perfect blue sky and not a cloud touching it.

There's something special about a view that you've run to. You earn it. I think it's the same biking and I imagine climbing. You can get some amazing views from your car window but it's never the same as if you've run there. So I earned the privilege of watching clouds form on the side of the Matterhorn, identifying the peaks of Monte Rosa, looking at the incredible patterns in the glaciers. It was well worth it.

Peaks include Monte Rosa, Castor, Pollux, Breithorn, Kleine Matterhorn and then the Matterhorn itself in the clouds far right.

As a footnote - I have to be a bit honest. Although bad races are just part of being an athlete, I can't claim to breeze over it as easily as this blog might make out. I'm annoyed at myself and it gives me a good lot of motivation to put things right in my last Skyrunning chance of this season at Limone in October.

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