Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Zealand - part 2 - the racing

I've been delaying writing about the world cup races in New Zealand as I feel I have already said so much (see the blog I wrote for the Project 2015 website). Other better athletes have all debriefed their experiences and I'm not sure I have much to add other than a personal report of the week. I'll try to spare you that but I do want to mark a really good week of results for me.

In five races I got 14th, 14th and 20th place (10th and 14th in the qualifiers). This includes my best result in a forest orienteering competition and is my most consistent set of results over a series of world cup races.

This week changed my outlook for the season. I had spent the autumn unsure about what to focus on - hill running, sprint or forest orienteering, or something else completely. The great events reminded me how much I love the sport, how cool the rare occasions are when I find controls at top speed. It made my decision to fully focus on orienteering this season and to try and produce better performances come the summer. I hope the hills will still be there after that.

Thanks to Martin Ward for the photos.

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