Friday, 6 July 2012

Switzerland (1 out of 4)

The first of 4 trips to Switzerland this year went quite nicely. I was based in Zurich for 2 days where I did lots of sprint training on nearby maps. Then I moved to St Gallen where I pre-ran the world cup sprint course.

The sprint training was good. I was mainly treated to lovely warm weather which made a big difference to logistics as I was operating out of the left luggage lockers at train stations. However, the most fun session was probably the one where I got caught in an immense thunderstorm and ended up sheltering in some kind of church choir room while their practice was going on. Bizarre.

Here are some of the legs where I went a bit wrong

10-11 took me a while to work out
12-13 caused a bit of debate as to which way was best

I was very grateful to the organisers for letting me pre-run the Post Finance sprint course. I had been in touch a few months ago as I knew that the top 40 would be impossible after not running at EOC and I was allowed to join the Swiss selection race which ran the same course before the main event started. This meant I could stay out of the forest and skip the middle distance (better for my back which still seems to have issues in rough terrain) and prepare for St Gallen properly. I ran a perfectly ok race, nothing special but nothing catastrophic.

When I finished, there were 2 main mistakes that I could think about that cost me ~10 seconds each. The first was at control 2, where there was an extra public control within the circle. I kind of knew it wasn't mine, but as it was the first I saw and I knew I was in the circle I ran to it. Luckily I knew my codes and went to the correct one in the end. I think it was taken away pretty quickly before the real race started. The second mistake was on the way to 13 where I was catching another girl and switched my attention to planning ahead and turned left one building too early.

My route in red.
I think Simone did the blue, but green doesn't look too bad either.
After going through the split times, it appears I also missed a route on the way to control 9 which cost me again about 10 seconds. 

I finished in a time of 16.22 which put me 17th= in the results. It is encouraging and hopefully means that a top 10 result at WOC is not a stupid target, but it is by no means an easy one and will take a clean run to do.

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