Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Where next?

This summer is shaping up to be really good fun and if the Scottish weather could just remember that we are in June not November, things would be perfect.

My training this year has been focussed on two main things - sprint orienteering and running up hills - and now it's time to race. In terms of orienteering, it is now all focussed on one race - the WOC sprint (the recently selected GB WOC team here). For hill running - I'm just about to start on a whole new set of adventures.

I'm really lucky to be running for Team Arc'teryx this year in a number of SkyRunning world series races. I have to confess to having limited racing experience on the hills but I've always enjoyed a tough climb and I'm certainly going to have a few of those to get up during the next few months.

My plans are looking like this:

Sprint training camp in Switzerland 
Having not run EOC, I don't think I can make it into the world cup top 40 to qualify for the post finance sprint this year. Instead, I will train in lots in the Swiss towns around Zurich on a self-made intensive sprint training camp.

My first skyrace for Arc'teryx is going to be at the SkyGames - described as the world sky running championships but only happens every 4 years. Plunging in at the deep end. It's being held in the Pyrannees and I am running the vertical km. This seems like a brutal race (3km and 1000m climb). I'm really excited!

14th July, Lausanne, WOC Sprint.

Snowdon Race
My second race for Arc'teryx and one I've wanted to do for a while. Sadly it means leaving WOC early as it is the same day as the relay, but I'll be following from home no doubt.

"This is to mountain races what New York is to marathons." Mouthwatering race description but equally quite scary for someone who has never run a race that distance before. To say I'm exited is an understatement.

That takes me to about mid-august when I will probably have a short break before deciding what adventures to have next year. I've got some more vertical km races in the autumn but beyond that nothing is fixed. I'll focus on enjoying the next few months first.

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