Monday, 11 June 2012

Backwards look

I realise there has been a lack of drivel on this blog over the last few months. Partly not enough time, partly not enough interesting things to say.

To fill in the gaps, here is some of what has happened since the last post:

JK Sprint:  A decent run in a tricky little area. Didn't manage to spot the best route from 2-3 with it being so early in a course requiring full concentration. Enjoyable. 5th - and 30 seconds ish down on Sarah Rollins. (Results)

Clearly amusing some of the local residents
Credit: Rob Lines.

JK Middle: A good start through some tricky controls followed by an inexplicable mistake from 11-12. Stood in view of 11 for about 4 minutes not knowing where I was. Long way down, tired and confused. (Results)


JK Long: More tired, more confused, more inexplicable errors. Still not sure number 6 was in the right place. Even further down on an awesome run by Claire Ward (results).

Weekend away in Kintail: A much needed weekend in the west of Scotland to celebrate Murray finishing his exam. Lots of Munros bagged. More photos here.

TioMila: Silva League sprint in Linkoping started badly as I made a mess of the forest controls. Pulled through at the end so not without positives. (Results). TioMila itself was great fun and was probably my last race for NTNUI. I will miss the madness - Hu og Hei!

WOC long selection race: An ok run in some nice tough Scottish terrain. My lack of forest orienteering showed both physically and technically as I struggled with the uneven ground and to read the map at speed. Ended up 7th (Claire Ward's brikke failed and she was actually 2nd but not on results) and a massive 13 mins off an impressive performance from Cat Taylor (results). 

Fancy photo from Murray of Linn of Dee bridge  - nice part of the world.

WOC sprint selection race: Raced well in what was a slightly bizarre race situation. The pressure was on, starting in front of spectators after being in quarantine. Mixture of fast running, some smaller alleyways and a few forest controls on a longer than usual course. I did most things right but a few things wrong. One of the more major wrong things was misreading the map and going to the finish before the last control. (In my defence, the penultimate control and finish circles did overlap). I did go back and get the last control, and, although a protest was submitted, the results were allowed to stand and I won by 30 seconds. (results).

Quite a fun photo that I was sent of me starting the sprint.

WOC middle selection race: A really enjoyable race in some lovely terrain. I wasn't remotely bothered about my result and just loved finding the flags! I made only a few small wobbles but was just generally slow through the brashed terrain and taking time to read the map. Cat Taylor was flying yet again (results).

If you don't already have enough updates on my every move, I have now had to create a facebook athlete page. Seeing as I now have a twitter, blog and facebook page, I better start doing something exciting...

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