Monday, 27 February 2012

Training in Turkey

Hu og Hei!

I’m back running! And it happened at just the right time – while on a training camp in Turkey with NTNUI. I got on the plane expecting to be running once a day at best, and probably missing a few days too. However, I have managed to do almost everything on offer and it’s been great. My body really suffered the first few days running, everything was hurting, but as the week went on I felt better and better and I can’t feel any pain in the knee any more.

Antalya - not a bad place to be training.

The training camp has been really fun, not only great company but also fun terrain. We’ve stayed in Manavgat and Antalya, on the south coast of Turkey and enjoyed some pretty good weather. The terrain has been everything from sand dunes to continental hills to ravines to bushy stoney stuff. The common theme being that it has been pretty good underfoot and very enjoyable to run.

Some of the terrain
A highlight in a novelty sort of way was running around the ruins at Side, near Manavgat. The start was on the sea front, a few controls through a funny tourist town and then out into these crazy old temple ruins and sand dunes. Safe to say I didn’t get my head around the map at all, but it was a lot of fun all the same.

Forest orienteering wise, it’s hard to pick out a highlight. I enjoyed a middle distance that we ran in some challenging stoney terrain. It reminded me of some stuff in Portugal or Spain. However, I also really enjoyed the Lara sand dunes that were right by our hotel where we ran the middle distance from the Antalya O-Meet from a few weeks ago.

The ruins in Side

The map of those ruins - pretty crazy
It’s been really fun to be with NTNUI, even though I don’t live in Trondheim any more. Lovely to see old friends, try and understand their bizarre Norwegian jokes and get excited about TioMila together.
Altogether, it’s been great to get away and it’s great to be back running. It’s not long until the next camp – sprinting around the Italian coast at the end of March. I am properly spoilt. Better do some work and get some miles in before then.

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