Monday, 9 May 2011

Surrey Hill Race

credit: SLOW website -
On Sunday I won the 16km Surrey Hill Race with a new womens record - 70.13. I had reccied (rekkied?) the course thoroughly the day before and so knew it was possible. Just as well I did though as it was very easy to miss the turnings if you didn't know the route. The half way point was at Leith Hill Tower and I thought I would need to reach there in around the 35 mark to make the record. I got up there in 37.30 and thought I hadn't got a chance. What I had forgotten was just how downhill the the whole way back was. I flew down the next 7km much faster than I thought and put in a real effort up the last sharp hill. I was like jelly at the top but managed stumble down into the finish about 2.40 ahead of the previous record time. I was rewarded with a brilliant trophy of the tower. Hopefully I'll have another shot at this race as I think there is time to be gained both in pacing the running a bit better (going harder to the top) and also there are a few sneaky route choices that I fancy trying.

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