Sunday, 24 April 2011

JK Champion!

Today I won the JK overall title by about 3 1/2 minutes. This is definitely the best and biggest thing I've ever won and I'm grinning like a monkey and have been since I crossed the finish line.

The weekend started in less than satisfactory form. I came 5th in the sprint race - although a very good result for me, I made mistakes early on and I had been hoping for better given the sprint preparation I had done.

The middle race was in some crazy sanddunes and I took it very carefully "with the handbrake on". This tactic paid off and although I wasn't perfect, I kept time loss down and ended up 3rd, only 20 seconds down on the lead. This was a big surprise to me and most other people as I am not known for my performances in technical areas.

The long race really suited me - one big open hillside. I knew this before I started and my legs felt good. I am still in the lucky position of having no pressure as everyone still expects me to go awol on some part of the course. My aim was to go cleanly and keep myself up there in the mix of big names. I knew if I could do that I had as good a chance as anyone of winning. My race was very good, I was very strong up the hills and only one mistake of around 1 minute. I finished in 2nd place behind Claire Ward on the day (50 seconds down) but as we were a long way clear of the rest of the girls I took the overall title.

I'll try and load up some maps once I get home. Tomorrow I'll run 1st leg on the relay for Harlequins. I am very excited about that as a mass start back in those sanddunes could be chaotic.

EDIT 9-5-11: Here is my middle race map. I haven't got the sprint or long routes as we weren't allowed to take GPS.

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