Thursday, 29 July 2010

World Student Championships Sprint

This was going to be the race of my season. I'd had some encouraging sprint results and I felt fast and this was it. And it so nearly was.

I had prepared well, I knew what to expect. The race started really well. It was simple street orienteering at the start, no big decisions either, and I got round it well. No complaints at the time, but possibly could have pushed a little more. But I looked ahead.

Things continued well through to the spectator control. My splits looked better from this section and I didn't get caught out by number 9 and the fence blocking it on one side.

I coped well with the crowds and coming into the wooded valley area. There were spectators everywhere, it was a bit wierd, but I got 13 and 14 well. Then came 15. I looked up and missed the gap in the fence and panicked. I heard people shouting and I got stressed. I then missed the next gap in the fence from being too worried. Then that was 1 min 20 gone. I ran back through spectators, which was mildly embarrasing but more I was just angry.

So nearly done. So nearly clean run. Position wise, may have been top 20. That would have good enough for me. I would have been really happy, a clean run when I had really been aiming for it. But it wasn't.

I guess at least I only made 1 mistake. As opposed to about 5 yesterday. But still, it doesn't matter how many, its not good enough. A real good chance blown.

Results are here, Splits are here. Routes are here.

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