Thursday, 8 July 2010

O Festival Relay

I stayed around to run the O Festival Relay for NTNUI on the Sunday. I was feeling surprinsingly good physically. It's a 4 leg relay, and I was running 2nd on the 2nd team. Gitte ran a strong first leg and we handed over in 2nd place about 2 mins down on NTNUIs first team. I started to feel nervous, but I just needed to focus on myself. I knew Halden would be chasing me down by less that a minute so I knew there was no possibility for mistakes early on.

I went out well and safely got round the first 4. Then I saw Halden just ahead. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, and I knew the gaffles could vary by up to a few 100m, so I assumed I had gone long at the start and I just needed to keep my head. I chose to go round the track to 4, which was a fine route although I think it would have been better in the marsh. The track was lined with thick green trees and it wasn't always easy to know where to come off.

I was a bit stupid at 6, as I started going to 8 (I need to get out of this habit in relays) and got to the path and marsh before I realise. I don't think it cost me too much, as apparently I came through the arena having caught in a bit on NTNUIs first team and at the same time as Halden. I felt confident going to 10, as we had our first control nearly there yesterday. Silly to be so confident. I did well getting to the cliff, but from there I dragged myself too far left. I should have contrentrated harder, almost putting yesterday out of my mind, it didn't help at all. In hindsight I should have gone all the way around the marsh.

At this point Bækkalgets and Nydalen caught me and I knew Halden were ahead. I was annoyed, but I needed to keep calm. I was a little high to 11. On the way to 12 I did the same old thing of slipping my thumb on the map and looking at 13. Luckily I realise half way and I managed to catch myself on the big hill. I was running with Halden at this point (as they made a mistake on 11), Nydalen and Bækkalgets had got away. I pushed on and got ahead of Halden to 14. I ran hard with Nydalen to 15 determined that I was going to get to the finish ahead of them. I really ran hard from to 16 and got a good gap, and was even closing in on Bækkelagets. Got 17 safely, and from there I just had a monster run in. I finished in sight of Bækkelagets but it hurt. I think I kept about 2 minutes behind NTNUI 1st team. I was pleased with the run, despite number 10.

Another thing that hurt was my left knee. I've been struggling over the last 3 weeks with ITB, shin splints and a pain behind the knee, but I've managed it ok with good stretching and it felt like it was on the mend. But now it feels awful. Luckily I remembered I bashed myself on a rock. I have quite a nice bump under my knee so I am giving it lots of icea and hoping that its not any of my chronic problems but just a bash.

The team finished 7th. NTNUI first team won (results).

Next stop Trondheim. Clean appartment. Tuesday I move back to England for good. Thursday I start work in London. No rest for the wicked.

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