Thursday, 8 July 2010

New 10km PB - 39.44

Last night I ran a 10km race at Beale Park, near Pangbourne. I have only run one 10km before a few years ago where I did around 44 mins. I took this race quite seriously as I wanted to get a good time, which for me meant under 40. I knew I was in the shape to be able to do that, but I was unsure whether I could pace it right and actually pull it out of the bag.

Receiving my trophy
I started near the front and felt very comfortable for the first half. I passed 3km in around 11.30 and the body felt good and the legs felt light. After about 6km I started to suffer. The person in front started to get a bigger gap so I could no longer use them to track. By 7km, the person behind was catching me up. I went through 8km in just under 32 and I knew that if I was going to break 40 I had to really dig in deep as it was not going to come easy. The 9km split was around 36, confirming to me that this was no time to relax. I came into the finish area knowing that I was on 39 minutes, but unsure how many seconds. I tried to give as much as I could to the line, and when I glanced at the clock I was so happy to see 39.44.

I finished as the first female (by about 5 minutes!) and 8th overall (results here). I am encouraged by that result as, although it was flat, it was not a fast course. It was probably mininum 60% off road, with some tougher grassy sections. I also cycled 8 miles from home to get there. Tactically I think I ran well and paced it ok. I did die at the end, but I think thats meant to happen. I want to aim to get closer to the 39 mark in my next 10km, so I'll have to find time to fit it into the calendar.

My fun new Monday night running group from The Sweatshop, Reading

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