Tuesday, 27 April 2010

April Round Up

April has been an eventful month. It started with a successful JK and exciting selections.

The following weekend I went to the Lake District with Heather Gardner to prepare for the British Elite Middle and Sprint Championships. Training was awesome and I was really loving getting into the tough technical terrain. Great company as well :) Sadly, I sprained my ankle half way through Sunday's session.

I've done this a couple of times before, so I knew the drill. I quickly settled into a routine of ice, compression, elevation and aquajogging. However, the excessive time in the pool started to pull at my knee and I felt my ITB tightening - another chronic problem of mine. I stopped the aquajogging, jumped on the bike, and rollered the ITB regularly with a baked bean can. Unfortunately there was just no way I could take part in the British Middle or Sprint Championships a week later.

It may have been no bad thing, as it allowed me to get a few weeks hard training in (even if it was cross training). When I was back to running again I joined up with a few local running groups including a very fun one based at The Sweatshop, Reading. I did a handicap 5 mile run along the Thames one lovely Monday evening. I was very encouraged by my time of around 32 mins.

On one of my many long bike rides around Berkshire and South Oxfordshire

But everything doesn't always go to plan. I had really hoped to qualify for the NTNUI 2nd team at TioMila. We have a strong girls team and I knew this would be a tough order, but that made it all the more exciting. If I got in the team, I could be part of a very good result. I hadn't run any of the selection races, but I had hoped they would take into account my good British results, including the fact that I came in 2nd on the JK relay 1st leg. It seemed they didn't. I am selected to run the 4th leg in the 3rd team. This should still be good fun, and I just have to concentrate on running a very good race to make my case stronger next time. I'm still looking forward to one of the most exciting races of the year and cheering on the others to some top placings.

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