Friday, 5 March 2010

Winter time

This last month has been busy. Lots going on as I try and finish my masters project and trying to do while training about 15 hours quality stuff a week.

Even so, I managed to get time to go to Karlstad, Sweden to visit a friend during the winter half term. 13 hours on the train each way, but worth it. It was an unusually snowy time for Karlstad but we still got out running and enjoyed ourselves. We joined in some training with the orienteering club OK Tyr. As there was literally metres of snow in the forest we all ran together and took it in turns to make the tracks when we had to leave the paths. It was still fun and good training. Here are the maps:

I've also been out skiing a fair bit in the beautiful snowy conditions. I've got noticably better and manged to get up to Storheia again. Afterwards a load of us girls made a fire (bål) in the snow and grilled sausages and pinnebrød. Very nice.

One of the best trips had to be on an early Sunday morning. I started and finished skiing about 200m from my front door with a few hours of beautiful forest skiing inbetween. I hope this link gets you to a selection of pictures of snowy forests.

Finally, last week I took part in two street races just south of Trondheim. There was a good turn out of runners, including a lot of really good Norwegians. I was really happy with how I ran on both days. I wouldn't say I really made mistakes, although on the second day I took a bit of a dodgy route as I was unsure of snow depth. The orienteering wasn't very technical and that showed as I managed to come quite high up the results on both days. At least it shows I'm in good physical shape. Here are the maps, though its a bit pointless as I haven't time to draw my routes on, and they are bad quality photo. Oh well. Results day 1 and day 2.

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