Sunday, 14 March 2010


I sit here on a Sunday night having just been at school most of the weekend. Its the last week of my masters project, and I thought we had just solved the last of many problems. And what a problem to solve. My partner nearly had his whole project ruined. I've just recieved a phone call. We might not have solved it after all. Nightmare. I'm now waiting to hear if I have to make another snowy trip down the hill.

While I wait, I'll bring some more positive news. Yet another PB in the 3000m time trial. Last autumn I ran 11.17, which I was very happy with at the time. This time I ran 10.52. The aim was under 11, I knew I was capable of that, so no complaints. I ran pretty well and controlled, started hard but not too much, and just kept going. I was hurting by the end, so thats a good sign. I have to confess I had secretly hoped of getting into the 10.40s. Maybe I should have hurt a bit more. I want to be nearer 10.30 by the summer.

To end the post on an even more positive note - I've just had a phone call. I won't be making a snowy trip outside. I'm going to hop right into bed, ready for a long week ahead. Natta.

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