Saturday, 16 January 2010

Født med ski på beina!

My first ski session of the season went well! I only fell once - and there was a good reason for that - tricky little bit. It wasn't the best conditions, there wasn't a huge amount of excess snow around which is useful for beginners like me who might fall or need to snow plough alot. However, I was very proud of my 80 minute trip. My technique is less than good, I more run on skis than glide, but that makes it a very good training session. My heart rate is consistantly high, either through energy put in trying to climb the hills, or through adrenalin as i go down them.

Next weekend I'm off on a ski training camp in Bruksvallarna, just over the Swedish border with NTNUI. I'm looking forward to it after todays session was so fun. I am however dreading waking up tomorrow morning. Arms, back, stomach, thighs and calves are already complaining of the workload.

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