Monday, 25 January 2010

Bruksvallarna - mil etter mil etter mil!

This weekend I went with NTNUI orienteering to Sweden for a cross country skiing training camp in Bruksvallarna, Sweden. We stayed in lovely log cabins and skiied up and down the valley all day and all night. It was thankfully much flatter than Trondheim - sometimes there were warning signs for the "steep" hills which amused me given what I'm used to here.

On Saturday morning I went by myself at my own speed and went a bit over 25km in 2hr 45 mins. As my technique is so bad is was often up over 80% of my max heart rate, so a good hard tough session!

On Saturday evening I did 1 hour around the cabins with a head torch. That was quite easy skiing and good fun.

On Sunday I found someone who was just a little faster than me and we went together for 2 hr 30 mins. We probably did about 20km - there was a little more chatting!

So that made up my biggest training week so far this season - a bit over 15 hours. I slept well.

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