Sunday, 27 December 2009

Plain Crazy

After a manic end of 2009 I travelled home to England for a relaxing Christmas. On the 27th my Dad and I went to Warminster to take part in the inaugural Warminster Plain Crazy race. This was a long 12/short 13 mile race around a military area on Salisbury plain. It was an interesting course, an uphill first mile followed by pretty much 3 miles of downhill running. We then ran through a deserted military village before climbing again up to the plain. It was then a bit undulating with quite a strong wind as it was very exposed. The final 2 miles were a bit of climb followed by a nice downhill to the finish.

I started out at a decent pace, kept in check by my heart rate monitor. After about 2 miles I was running at 88%. I was a bit scared that I might blow up, although I felt ok, so I took it a bit slower and lost a few people. I'm also not very good going downhills. When we got to the military village I picked the pace back up and caught up the 2nd placed lady going up the hill to the plain. It was then a tough slog across the plain, but I eventually managed to pull away. I got level with the 1st place lady at about 10 miles and we ran a windy mile together. As we hit 11 miles and the last few climbs I managed to get a few metres and from then I pulled away. I ran pretty hard from about 12 miles to the finish as I wasn't sure what sort of gap I had. I crossed the finish line in 1:30:20 about 30 secs ahead of the 2nd lady. I am pretty pleased especially as its the first time ever at this sort of distance competitively (and after a relatively high hour training week).

I won this trophy. (I think its meant to be an army bullet.)

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