Sunday, 27 December 2009

Looking back, looking forward

With 2009 almost over I'm feeling quite happy about where things are training wise. The first half of the year was spent attempting to train, but lacking motivation, energy and skiing technique to do it properly.

When I returned to Trondheim after the summer holidays in August I decided to make a fresh start. I spent the first month doing a lot of orienteering competitions which were very enjoyable. In early September I got the news from the doctors that I had very low iron levels. I was happy to hear this as it gave me a bit of a explanation as to why I had found it so hard to train in the previous year and why, when I had worked hard, I saw no benefits. So I immediately started taking tablets and the difference was noticable in both training and daily life. The rest of September was spent training without a particularly structured routine, but getting the body used to the hours of training.

I started proper training in October. My key principles have been 3 interval sessions a week and trying to put some tempo into long runs rather than just mincing about. I also do some time efficient leg strength work. Each month I have increased the hours and where possible the intensity. I take the first week of each month quite easy, with just the basic sessions. I then build up a bit more in the 2nd week before serious hours in the 3rd and 4th week.

As for looking forward, I'm excited about the new year. 2010 will be a transitional year for me as I most likely will move back from Trondheim to England after handing in my masters thesis. I am also aiming to run in the World Orienteering Championships in Trondheim in August. It should be less busy than the Autumn has been and I intend to train quite high hours during January, February and half of March. I will definitely be keeping my 3 interval sessions a week though. The British season starts for me at the end of March in Stirling and I hope to be ready to race hard there. Bring it on!

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