Friday, 30 October 2009

The last few orienteering sessions

Maybe I was a bit pessamistic about a month ago when the first snow fell. It since disappeared and the forests have been quite good for running in. Last Sunday I went out in my local forest (about 10min run to the edge of). I ran a course that was meant for a final of the Statoil Coffee Cup Night series (the winner gets a precious coffee cup that gives you a discount on hot drinks at Statoil service stations - big money in this sport.) Anyway, I felt it was a bit obvious it was a night course, with the path options being very tempting and definitely better at night, more debatable in the light. I tried to do as much in terrain as possible but without trudging through too much rubbish. The most interesting leg was to number 5. Quite possible path routes would have been better both at day and night, but it was fun to go straight. In the last few hundred metres I climbed higher than necessary but then i was sure where to go. I had nearly given up trying to find the fence to guide me in when I tripped over it. I then drifted a little low following the vegetation boundary and was about 20m too low when I saw the boulder. I was also a little hesitant counting the spurs and rentrants.

This Saturday I went out to a forest south of Trondheim used for the Norwegian Champs in 2001. I decided to work on one of my big weaknesses, controls in low visability forest. I planned a short loop of just boulders on the light green slope. It was very difficult to get up any speed and I was ticking off absolutely every feature. The first few I was a bit dodgy on, but I got into the map and then I nailed the last lot (all be it at a pretty slow pace). Progression from here is not only to do it at race pace but to manage getting the speed right when constantly changing between white and green forest.

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