Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Labyrinth Orienteering!

There has been a big student festival in Trondheim called Uka (or The Week) which has lasted for about the last month here. Lots of concerts including Franz Ferdinand, Jay-Z and best of all Aqua. Sadly, I have been a bit too busy to be able to join in much at all, but this last weekend was a time when all the old students come back. The orienteering club puts on a sprint race around the main student housing place as a warm up to a cocktail party.

The course was basically a 2km-ish sprint with a labyrinth section in the middle. The normal sprint bit went ok for me. Stupid on the way out of 4, hadn't got the map orientated in time. Lost time on way out of 11. Had planned just to go right of the building. Went through the hedge but came to an open bit that was a load of cut down trees. It was only 10m ish and I should have just ran across it. But I didn't thinking the asphalt was faster, so ended up nearer the left edge of the building. Lost time on 17 because I just didn't see the control to the left of me.

The labyrinth bit was awesome. Being modest, I was awesome at the labyrinth - 55m course in 51 secs! If I remember the results correctly I was 6th out of everyone including the boys, only 3 seconds down. The lines on the map represented tape on the ground that you couldn't jump over nor could you lean over to punch a control, which were just units lying on the ground. I didn't really have any special tactics, or at least none that I want to share - just in case this becomes a discipline in the world champs!

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