Sunday, 18 October 2009

Control Description Training

We had NTNUI girls training on Thursday night. We were on a small sprint map just next to where we all live. It was an interesting exercise, more for fun than anything too serious but it got me thinking. There were 3 loops of 4 controls. The control circles were drawn so that they covered the whole feature or a number of similar features. The point was that you then had to read your control description to find out where the control actually was. For example, a circle could cover 3 distinct trees. The description then said which tree it was on and which side of the tree. To make it even more complicated, the EMIT unit was placed in the circle but not always in the right place. You only punched if it was in the correct place. Confused? Yes I was.

A combination of it being dark and me having a small headtorch, my legs being tired after 2 hard sessions earlier in the week and there being so much to think about on the map and descriptions, meant that I took it very slowly. I just jogged round trying to have some kind of control flow but failing miserably.

Summary was a good fun interesting orienteering exercise though not much physical training for me.

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