Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesday Training

I enjoyed todays adventures, though I am now sitting here in the warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Having seen the weather forcast at the beginning of the week I had thought to train on the treadmill, but I got too tempted by the offer of orienteering. The weather didn't disappoint. Torrential rain, hail and winds just as the faint light of the sun was setting over the forest was actually quite fun. I even saw an eagle overhead as we ran to the start.

I ran a 5km ish course with some of the same controls as I had on the long distance race from the Tour de Trondheim. This time there were no flags out though. I had made a big mistake at Number 1 during the race, so I was interested to see why. Now I realise. The first knoll is very difficult to see, if at all. The vegetation boundary is certainly not obvious and the control was quite hidden. Got the bugger this time though!

Number 2 wasn't as easy as the map looks as that white area is now a sort of semi open bushy patch. The crag itself is actually quite hidden. I ran up to number 3 debating whether it could have been faster back down the hill and in the marsh. At least it was better training going up.

Number 6 was ok (after I'd risked my life crossing the "stream"), but I ran on at the height to check that I was right when I thought I had found the control site. Not easy that hillside, very vague.

I made a mistake on 10, I knew it wasn't right when I headed off into the green the first time, but there was an extra sort of path thing. I quickly turned and sorted myself out. Compass right, Tess wrong.

Potentially better to go to the right on 11 as you technically shouldn't cut through the uncrossable marsh. Despite water levels being really high, I risked it. Dad wouldn't have been happy. I did have visions of me getting stuck and being eaten by eagles. Luckily I survived and found the control.

My run came to an end at 12 as this river was flowing so fast and deep that even I wasn't going to try it. Well, I did try, but I stepped in and was at hip level so thought best not. I ran along looking for a better place but it just got worse. Until I finally did a personal best long jump and landed splat on the other side. By that point I took the path, waved to 12 and ran home.

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