Sunday, 20 September 2009

Tour de Trondheim

This weekend my club (NTNUI) organised a 3 day event - sprint, long, middle - with the extra fun of yellow jerseys for the leaders and even sprint and king of the mountain prizes. I helped with parking for all 3 days, but managed to run both the long and middle aswell.

The long distance was long. I took nearly 2 hours and I was really not last! I did lose a lot of time. Mainly this was me faffing around the controls but also I think I lost a lot just mincing around the marshes. Beautiful views though.

The middle distance was fun. It was a mass-start for those of us who were slow or didn't do all the other days (I fitted both catagories). The first control seemed easy, but we didn't climb enough and found a few extra knoll-ish features and crags. Thinking they were the big ones, the whole pack piled on the spur, only to realise where we were and eventually find the control. Good start.

I think I got ahead of the pack at number 3. At least I didn't see anyone ahead. I ran to 7 before I saw anyone when a pack of girls suddenly appeared behind me. I guess they had been there roughly all along as I didn't make any special mistake. We nailed it down the steep hill and along the path to 8. A better route was probably to take the path off right to cross the river and then in along the marsh.

There was a group of 4 of us together going to 11. We all messed it up. I thought I had control. Clearly didn't. I ran to relocate off the far path as I was almost there by the time I realised I wasn't going to find the control.

Got back with the girls by 12. Sprint finish, which I lost. Though I do half blame losing a fight with a rather thick tree who dispossed me of my EMIT brick for a few vital seconds.

Working on getting a route on the map and making it better quality. Will try harder next time.

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