Friday, 25 September 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

Well, this month has been wet. Rather like the last one. And the one before. Ever since June really. Some newspapers are claiming it's been the wettest September since 1966 for certain areas of Norway.

So its probably not surprising that I have been quite ill this week. On the downside, I feel pretty rubbish and did no training between Monday and Friday - so there are no exciting maps in this post. On the upside, at least I didn't have to go out in the rain. And I used the break in training to send in my heart rate monitor for repair (the rain even managed to destroy a waterproof watch).

So to end the post with more negative news, this week it was høstjevnsdag. The day when we have equal daylight and darkness - it only gets worse from here. It's now dark when I leave for work in the mornings (although that is 7.10am). I better dig out those reflective jackets from the cupboard.

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